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The production technique of light steel prefabricated buildings is divided into standard type prefabricated buildings.
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Municipal Service Buildings

The need for peace is as old as the history of mankind. People have built buildings to survive this need for ages.
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Social Facility Buildings

Museum, library, scout camp, sports facilities, etc. the structures projected for the functions are evaluated in the social and common living space category.
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Military Camps

You can choose prefabricated buildings for short and long term military accomodations in all kinds of climates and in different geographies both at home and abroad.
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Emergency Disaster Houses

After natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods, landslides, tsunamis, etc., prefabricated emergency units are being built due to the urgent settlement needs of a large number of people originating from non-natural causes.
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School, Classroom Classroom

Mod Yapı can design the buildings to be produced according to the ease of use of the students who will attend the training and the teachers who will train.
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