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Steel construction structures are the first building model to be offered to unlimited living space needs such as residences, offices, shopping malls, schools, and hospitals that want to find permanent solutions to earthquake risk threats with those who want to start earning immediately with commercial structures such as factories, workshops and hangars.
• Steel Construction Hangar Constructions
As in steel warehouses, it is possible to use cranes in steel hangar buildings in accordance with the need, and this demand can be met by Mod Çelik Yapı upon request. Again, in accordance with the need, the walls and roof coverings made of insulated sandwich panels can be covered with a rolled galvanized sheet only when not required.
• Steel Construction Multi Storey Structures
It is inevitable to implement faster, better quality, wider openings, stronger and higher-rise buildings in line with the demands and needs of our customers. While our multi-storey buildings project aims to adapt and advance the developing technologies, basically a system installation can be used in which the developing technologies can be used in the production system.
• Warehouse and Warehouse Constructions
Steel warehouses produced from light steel system with seamless system technology can be produced from 4 m to 10 m in height according to the needs of the customers. If necessary, installation of a hanging crane or a movable crane can also be made by Mod Çelik Yapı.
These kinds of warehouses have been established in many different features and sizes at home and abroad and have been offered to the service of customers. These options include the insulation of the walls and roof, and this type of insulation is determined by the region where the building will be installed. In this way, the products to be stored in the warehouse are protected in a healthy way.
• Industrial Plant Construction
Our company carries out design project and cost studies of any facility together with engineers who are experts in their fields. To be able to use your investments in the most efficient way; it goes through the right equipment design, in-depth analysis and professional production. The right design is made possible by an expert team and years of experience. At this point, our engineers make a design based on the project values ​​and the results are shared with the investor, and the most profitable suggestions for the facility are presented and evaluated.
• Factory Building Constructions
We provide engineering and contracting services for steel construction factory construction. Industrial organizations that can serve all kinds of needs can have various special designs. In such cases, our engineers of standard or special design steel construction factories are designing for you.
• Facade Roofing Systems
• Steel Bridge Constructions
• Tennis Courts
• Indoor Carpet Fields
Carpet area steel construction is much easier and the construction time is much shorter than the steel constructions of large structures such as hangars, warehouses, factories where we do construction. With our experienced teams, the production of open carpet field construction is delivered in a period of one week and ten days, and the production of closed carpet field steel construction is made in a short time of 15-20 days. Products such as artificial grass carpets, wire, net and canvas outside the carpet field iron construction are mounted by our partner company. We use the highest quality artificial grass produced in Turkey. Call us for the cost of carpet field construction.
• Indoor Swimming Pool Roofs

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With our private project system, we are carrying out dreams with our project team who designs and builds your own projects together with you.

What is Rolled Steel Construction House?

Steel construction rolling or light steel construction systems are structures made using galvanized stainless sheets.
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Rolled Steel Construction

Steel construction is the structures, the most important material of which is steel, generally used in the construction industry.
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