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Why American Siding?

Protects Your Home Like Armor American Siding Armor Color technology protects siding panels against thermal deformations caused by rays from the sun.
Up to 55% Savings
American Siding Jacketing System saves up to 55% in the applied structures thanks to its excellent insulation feature.
You are under warranty
The American Siding system offers a 50-year comprehensive warranty and comfort throughout its life. Application control is provided periodically by the technical team of the manufacturer.
Incombustible Inorganic Structure
Thanks to the inorganic structure in the formula of the coating panel, it does not ignite and extinguishes itself.
Corrosion and Moisture Protection
It provides both heat and fire insulation with the steam stabilizer used in the application and stone wool boards used in the system infrastructure. Thanks to the vapor stabilizer, it protects the breathable structure by preventing any moisture transfer from the exterior to the building surface and provides a stable and dry air environment in the system. In this way, the American Siding Jacketing System prolongs the life of the outer walls, prevents damage to the carrier columns and beams and protects them against corrosion. It prevents the formation of mold and bacteria on the inner walls.
Much Lighter Than Alternatives
It prevents the main structure from aging under unnecessary load by placing a much less load on the building facade compared to alternative (traditional) facade applications.
Durable up to 90 km / h
Thanks to American Siding system elements, it provides extra strength at the corners of the building and resists the wind up to 90 km / h.
Practical and Fast Assembly
Thanks to the special locking system on American Siding panels, it provides fast and robust assembly.
Long Life Aesthetic Insulation
The American Siding Jacketing System protects your structures for years with its colors that do not fade thanks to its ability to work even under the harshest conditions such as temperature differences, earth movements, and seasonal conditions.
No Paint-Maintenance Costs
In buildings where the American Siding Jacketing System is applied, it does not require any paint maintenance costs throughout its life.
Meeting with Dark Matte Colors
American Siding Shield Color technology protects the colors of the siding panels against UV rays of the Sun by using acrylic material in dark matte color (Platinum and Private color group) products.
American Siding panels are produced with a thickness of 1.10 mm, offering high strength, rigidity and impact resistance.
Easy to Clean
The panels of American Siding Jacketing System are perfectly adapted to nature due to their semi-gloss production, bringing a perfect cleaning facility.
Correct choice
It is an environmentally friendly system compared to alternative facade cladding materials with its inorganic structure and environmentally friendly production technology.

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What is American Siding?

American Siding is a form of heat and water resistant exterior coating.
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American Siding System Installation

Building Exterior Control The facade should be controlled in order for the panels and auxiliary profiles to stand properly and aesthetically on the facade,
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