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American Siding System Installation

Building Exterior Control The facade should be controlled in order for the panels and auxiliary profiles to stand properly and aesthetically on the facade,
The starting level of the horizontal veneer panels should be determined on all fronts,
Building the Carrier Carcass System of the Front with PVC Box Profiles
PVC box profiles should be fixed after aligning on the string and scale,
Screws with dowels used for fixing PVC box profiles should be used in maximum 60 cm intervals,
The dowels and screws thrown should be tightened so as not to spoil the shape and feature of the material,
Care should be taken that the spacing of the PVC box profiles is 60 cm, which is the width of the stone wool boards, so as not to form a thermal bridge.
Jacketing of the Front with Thermal Insulation Board
Bonus Stone Wool boards that will protect the building facade against all kinds of weather conditions, save fuel, and reduce the heat transfer between the two environments at different temperatures should be properly tightened and mounted between PVC box profiles.
Attention should be paid to install the thermal insulation boards without gaps without forming a thermal bridge,
Heat insulation boards that need to be dimensioned should be cut properly and to the full extent.
Winding the Front with Moisture Barrier
The moisture barrier ensures that the vapor formed within the structure is condensed outside the structure, thereby protecting the building walls from the harmful effects of moisture.
Moisture barrier with vapor stabilizing feature should be fixed to PVC box profiles to cover the building completely,
Attention should be paid to overlap the moisture barrier vertically and horizontally with 10 cm overlapping joints,
It should be ensured that the moisture barrier is laid horizontally to the structure,
Care should be taken to ensure that the moisture barrier covers the building uninterruptedly in all surface areas.
Installation of Auxiliary Profiles to the Front
Installation of auxiliary profiles suitable for all architectural details of the building after the creation of the carrier system in the areas from the flood to the roof with PVC box profiles,
Attention should be paid to the dropper breaking of the jamb and J channel profiles taken from the auxiliary profiles at 90 degree miter joints,
Care should be taken to lock all auxiliary profiles completely together.
Coating the Facade
While mounting American Siding panels, attention should be paid to screwing the fixing process onto the carrier system in the middle of the mounting holes,
It should be ensured that American Siding panels lock each other completely,
Attention should be paid to the application of American Siding cladding panels at the point where they are locked to the auxiliary profiles on both sides of the panel, by leaving a tolerance gap due to the expansion arising from temperature differences.

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What is American Siding?

American Siding is a form of heat and water resistant exterior coating.
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Why American Siding?

Protects Your Home Like Armor American Siding Armor Color technology protects siding panels against thermal deformations caused by rays from the sun.
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