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What is American Siding?

American Siding is a form of heat and water resistant exterior coating.
American Siding is a form of heat and water resistant exterior coating. Siding; Polystyrene plates are produced in the form of siding, in other words, in the form of insulation, and are manufactured by covering them with a special exterior coating. Siding is a type similar to the Yali printing technique, which constitutes the best examples of architecture in the Ottoman era. Perhaps this is why the use of siding is becoming increasingly common in our country. Vinyl siding is the most widely used in Turkey. You can now obtain these materials either imported or locally in our country. certain types of siding used in Turkey are: vinyl, wood, fibers, composites, aluminum, XPS ...
With American Siding, you can achieve up to 50% fuel savings not only with the appearance of the buildings, but also with its insulation feature. Approximately 95% of buildings in Europe and only 1% in our country are insulated.
Thanks to its long-lasting structure, American Siding manages to make itself feel like the first day in terms of insulation and image for years without requiring maintenance and repair.

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American Siding System Installation

Building Exterior Control The facade should be controlled in order for the panels and auxiliary profiles to stand properly and aesthetically on the facade,
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Why American Siding?

Protects Your Home Like Armor American Siding Armor Color technology protects siding panels against thermal deformations caused by rays from the sun.
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