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Composite Deck floor system is a natural product obtained from many different far east trees.
- It is a product group suitable for poolside, gardens, terraces, bathrooms, bathtubs and saunas as well as the garden.
- It is definitely not adversely affected by water and is not damaged.
- Composite deck is an easy and effortless floor system.
- It does not cause splinter formation and can be easily walked with bare feet.
- You can paint this flooring product in any color.
- It is a product that is highly resistant to both water and hard impacts and has a long service life.
- It can be easily removed and installed in another place.
- It is a product that does not require frequent maintenance. It will be sufficient to perform maintenance once a year.
- Composite deck flooring is an environmentally friendly product due to its natural nature.
- You can use composite deck products not only as a floor system but also as a decoration tool.
–The cleaning of the composite deck floor system is easy and effortless.
- It is a floor system product used in advanced level during the construction phase.
- It is a product group that can be produced in the desired shape and size.
- It does not need paint, but if it begs, it can be painted in the desired color.


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Wood Composite Deck Flooring

The flooring products are wooden and have a wood appearance, and their attractiveness increases and emerge as a material suitable for human nature.
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What is Composite Deck?

Composite Deck, Pool Edge, Garden, Terrace, Inside the bathroom, Under the bathtub, it is a mixture of wood and PVC, resistant to various and difficult weather conditions applied on wet ground.
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