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The sales offices offered by the customers by producing Mod Yapı can be very different concept.
Sales Offices
The sales offices offered by the customers by producing Mod Yapı are very different concept. These prefabricated office buildings, produced using light steel construction system, can be used as a showroom, as a store or as a direct sales office.
The sales offices that are produced can be designed to be able to bring the product to market, making it easier to sell. There is definitely a covering model that can be integrated with the product to be marketed in the options offered by Mod Yapı. The sales offices produced in the light steel system are very successful in terms of quality as well as visual sense. The profiles being used are products produced by galvanized sheet bending and completely welded construction technology. The life of this building is also extended

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Light Steel Single Storey Houses

The first applications of light steel framed conveyor systems were made in Germany at the end of the 1960s.
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Light Steel Duplex Houses

The days when a multi-storey building is completed in a very short time is no longer a dream.
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Light Steel Villa Houses

The luxurious lightweight steel vaults that use galvanized light steel construction technology make a difference with their aesthetic appearance.
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Modern Office Buildings

Administrative buildings, which are usually permanently built by various institutions and organizations, office buildings in site mobilization are considered within this category.
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Health Care

Mod Yapı is very assertive in health care structures as well as in other types of buildings produced in light steel systems.
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Steel Warehouse-Hangar Construction

The steel tanks produced from the light steel system by welding system technology can be produced in height from 4 m to 10 m according to the needs of the customers.
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