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The days when a multi-storey building is completed in a very short time is no longer a dream.
Light Steel Structure Sanata Turns
The days when a multi-storey building is completed in a very short time is no longer a dream. With multi-storey light steel constructions, stay at your height.
Be ready to see light steel buildings around you ... Light steel buildings, which can be built up to a maximum of four kata, can now be up to eight kata thanks to the new technology and designs used. This technology is not just for housing, but for school buildings, student dormitories, military buildings, health care facilities, and so on. as well as for many public buildings.
This system, which is robust and aesthetic in all light steel prefabricated structures, is separated from others by fast and effective return on investment. Not only for the projects where the aesthetics are pre-planned such as showrooms, offices and luxury villas, but also for emergency situations and urban transformation projects, it is possible to get the buildings needed in a very short time thanks to the design which makes it possible to install quickly.
The structural elements produced with this new technology are made with 90% recycled steel material. These buildings are the environmentally friendly and sustainable architectural product of nature.

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With our private project system, we are carrying out dreams with our project team who designs and builds your own projects together with you.

Light Steel Single Storey Houses

The first applications of light steel framed conveyor systems were made in Germany at the end of the 1960s.
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Light Steel Villa Houses

The luxurious lightweight steel vaults that use galvanized light steel construction technology make a difference with their aesthetic appearance.
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Mod Yapı can design the buildings to be produced according to the ease of use of the students who will attend the training and the teachers who will train.
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Modern Office Buildings

Administrative buildings, which are usually permanently built by various institutions and organizations, office buildings in site mobilization are considered within this category.
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With the current technology and machine lines, our country is producing light steel structures with up to 3 floors pre-produced.
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Health Care

Mod Yapı is very assertive in health care structures as well as in other types of buildings produced in light steel systems.
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Sales Offices

The sales offices offered by the customers by producing Mod Yapı can be very different concept.
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Steel Warehouse-Hangar Construction

The steel tanks produced from the light steel system by welding system technology can be produced in height from 4 m to 10 m according to the needs of the customers.
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