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The necessary mobilization structures, especially in the construction sector, fall under this category.
Camp Buildings
Camp buildings used mostly in sectors such as gas, oil, construction, mining are for long and short time mobilization. From the white collar, the blue collar is designed to meet the needs of all kinds of staff for a long time outside the city, food, bed, wc shower etc. social space. Camp buildings designed in all kinds of climate with desired features are preferred because they are series, practical and economical. It is an indispensable requirement of the construction sites due to easy installation, disassembly and assembly, and insulation and comfort.
The necessary mobilization structures, especially in the construction sector, fall under this category. Campgrounds in the area of ​​mobilization; dining hall, dormitory, office, wc-shower units, mosque, social facility, warehouse-hangar, lodging etc. Apart from our standard plans, special solutions are also offered to our customers by engineers and architects kadomuz in prefabricated camp sites. The main reasons for the request of this building group by our firm are listed below;
Fast production,
Fast and safe installation,
Use of quality materials in accordance with the standards,
Quality and accurate resolved building details,
The fact that the building is detachable and can be rebuilt with minimum fire,
Technical service support.

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With our private project system, we are carrying out dreams with our project team who designs and builds your own projects together with you.

Single Floor Prefab Houses

Prefab Houses are elastic and lightweight. Even in the strongest earthquakes, it only rocks, it does not collapse.
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Double Duplex Houses

Our dwellings designed for different user needs are robust aesthetic and durable structures that can be used in all climatic conditions.
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Prefabricated Villa

In our country facing the earthquake reality, houses built with multi-storey light steel technology are increasing rapidly.
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Emergency Residential Buildings

After natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods, landslides, tsunamis, etc., prefabricated emergency units are being built due to the urgent settlement needs of a large number of people originating from non-natural causes.
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Office Buildings

Office buildings in construction site mobilization and buildings which are permanently built in line with detailed institutions and organizations are in this category.
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Health Buildings

Significant increases have been seen in buildings built with light steel technology in recent years.
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Social Facilities

Museum, library, scout camp, sports facilities, etc. the structures projected for the functions are evaluated in the social and common living space category.
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Dining Hall Buildings

Prefabricated cafeterias are used for meeting the needs of eating in the places, factories, social facilities, military facilities, open air and other organizations, municipal cafes etc. in prefabricated cafeterias.
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Dormitory Buildings

Prefabricated dormitory buildings are used to meet the needs of sleeping in places such as factories, factories, social facilities, military facilities, scout camps etc.
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Public buildings

The need for peace is as old as the history of mankind. People have built buildings to survive this need for ages.
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Construction Site Buildings

It is the common name of the buildings such as office, dining hall, dormitory, wc shower, social facility, mosque, infirmary,
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Military Buildings

You can choose prefabricated buildings for short and long term military accomodations in all kinds of climates and in different geographies both at home and abroad.
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