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Containers are our preferred products because they are low cost and fast production.
Emergency Settlement Containers
Containers are our preferred products because they are low cost and fast production. Galvanized trapezoidal sheet coated with film is used in the construction of our containers, which are manufactured with Weldless Building Technology, in high quality galvanized structure steel, outer surface cover.
In our standard container production black sheet, DKP sheet and welding are not used. Galvanizing in containers is important and necessary for the steel to not rust. For this reason, our containers do not have any rusting problem. In addition, containers have high resistance to all weather conditions and make long-term use convenient. The welds made at the joints that we see in the application of many firms cause corrosion in the containers.
In our container production, bolts and nuts system is used at joints and welding is definitely not used. The construction made of welded joints is becoming more resistant to the container.
The reasons we prefer our containers for our customers; fast, good quality, easy to ship, long life, economical and corrosion risk. Containers, which are manufactured by Structure Robot line, have production capacity of 1500 pieces / month.
We share our differences from production to our assembly with our professional and end customers and continue to our customers with our superior production technologies and without sacrificing speed to our quality services.

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With our private project system, we are carrying out dreams with our project team who designs and builds your own projects together with you.

Modified Frigo Containers

The most important and safeguard element in transportation is the load container, a really good quality protection due to durability and insulation.
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Office Containers

Office containers, which are one of the indispensable units of construction sites, can be combined in any kind of modularity if desired.
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Dormitory Containers

Dormitory containers, which are your home in your body, are designed with every comfort and functionality in mind.
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Cafeteria Containers

Our cafeteria containers, which are tailor made for workers, staff, formulants and senior managers in the office, are among the most favorite of our customers.
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Construction Site Containers

Site mobilizations are at the beginning of the intended use of the containers.
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Blank Volume Containers

Container houses are often preferred in situations where there is no permission to build, in the area of the site, or for short and seasonal needs.
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