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Especially in recent years, the ever-growing security systems have led to the development of various modular cabin designs.
What is Modular Cabinet?
In addition to being respectful of safety, comfort and environment, these enclosed spaces must also have proper characteristics for their intended use.
The modular cabins of the prefabricated building family's aesthetic, stylish and durable city furniture are made of polyurethane hard foam and glass fiber reinforced polyester as the main material. The modular cabinets are used more for security personnel and business center waiters in need of office and accommodation, It is used by security cabin, security club, guard club, mobo cabin, guard cabin, polyester cabin, modular cabin by the users in this context. Due to its segmented and modular design and assembly (the same mounting system and sizing of the panels with different sizes), the modular cabin is named.
A new area where modular cabin systems have been used in years is mobile - portable toilets and shower cabins. They are very useful and useful products in big social facilities such as open land works, construction sites, beach park garden. Due to the robustness and portability of the modular cabinets, multiple floors can serve for long periods.
Another product designed in the modular cabin products is the containers used as living space. These cabins, which are heat insulated with polyurethane hard foam, have been used in many sectors in recent years. The general usage areas are meeting the staff office, dormitory, changing cabin, wc - shower cabin and dining hall needs in the construction sites. There is also an intensive use as an industrial metal cabinet, especially for the positioning and maintenance of some of the epics. In addition, large multi-site modular management buildings can be constructed from individual modules with special designs and plans, as well as major social structures such as hospitals and disaster management centers can be created easily.
Modular construction, truck mobility is the greatest advantage of container use, which is a modular metal cabinet with robustness that allows it to be used for many years in many different places. Modular Cabin Systems are manufactured by injecting and curing polyurethane foam between glass fiber reinforced polyester panels (sandwich system). With this feature, excellent heat and sound insulation is ensured, while water resistance and high resistance to kire are achieved.

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