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Why Steel?

Steel never limits architectural design, on the contrary encourages new designs.
What is Steel Construction Structure?
It is a steel structure system with wide openings and height, which is used in steel construction factory buildings, steel construction hangars, steel construction sports facilities, steel construction warehouses and steel construction workshops, which are preferred in geographical regions where earthquake hazards exist, all carrier systems are produced from steel. The vast majority of buildings in Turkey are concentrated in the 1st and 2nd degree earthquake zone. On the contrary, the preference for steel construction systems has been rather low in the past. Steel structures have superior mechanical properties, static abilities and ease of application compared to other carrier systems. Steel construction; fast, safe, economical and has a certain standard because of the rapidly widespread steel structure system.
Benefits of Steel
Due to its light weight, it is exposed to less earthquake loads, is robust, provides labor and time savings in manufacturing and installation, different construction systems are applicable, fast, can be removed and reinstalled many times, long life, steel can be recycled 100% does not harm the environment.
Alternatives to steel alternatives (reinforced concrete, etc.) have many advantages. Since it is lighter than the others in the first place, the architectural freedom allows us to expand the boundaries of our freedom and complete it in a shorter time. The production and installation of steel construction elements is not dependent on weather conditions but is only proportional to the workload to be used. In other words, it has the possibility of continuous operation and montage in every environment where human power is utilized.
Steel never limits architectural design, on the contrary encourages new designs. The ability to pass through high openings, aesthetics and ease of handling make it possible to apply any design. Many of the examples of post-modern architecture were built with steel.
Steel is much stronger under both normal and transient loads (wind, earthquake, etc.) than conventional building systems. The high strenght that it has achieved makes it an indispensable building solution, especially when the old building methods are inadequate.
Steel is the material that can carry the most loads between the building materials in the unit area. I mean, the carrier elements are much smaller. This is why steel-bearing structures are much more spacious than those used in other structures.
Because steel is a building material made from exactly the same material (no reinforcing material in it), steel can work under all kinds of conditions if necessary protection measures are taken.
5 - LIGHT:
The steel is very light as it allows the cross-sections of the carrier elements to be minimized. Carrier system A steel structure is 1 / 20th the weight of an equivalent reinforced concrete structure. This gives great advantage to the structure both in terms of earthquake loads, and it also causes the works to try to carry loads on itself.
Since steel is a highly flexible material, it does not limit the building's height. Already the majority of high-rise buildings are already steel.
Due to its light weight, the steel is much less earthquake load than the equivalent reinforced concrete structures. This provides a great deal of relief in the most important elements of the building, vertical carriers (columns, curtains, etc.). Thus, the loads that must be countered by the build and the materials that must be used to deal with those loads are reduced.
Steel is totally independent of the weather conditions in the procurement and pre-manufacturing stages where most of the building production is made.
Since steel is a homogeneous material, it is open to any kind of test (worksite or workshop environment). It is very easy to follow, and it is very easy to fix application and prefabrication errors.
Steel is independent of weather conditions, it is a material that can be controlled easily, and it does not need any sphere or waiting period to gain its strength, allowing the construction to be done in the shortest time possible.
Steel is not cheap. But to be economical, it is one of the most beautiful signs that you do not need to be cheap. Considering the fact that it is manufactured quickly and does not interfere with the usage of the structure during the application or strengthening process, providing more usage area, possibility of recycling and more aesthetics in terms of architecture, it is possible to make the steel construction depreciation periods much more and are much more economical than their counterparts.
Steel can challenge years if necessary precautions are taken and adequate engineering service is available.
Steel is a material that is of economic value even when it has finished its useful life, damaged, dismantled or destroyed. Besides, it is a "Nature Friendly" material because it can be used repeatedly and does not damage its environment.
The steel makes it possible to strengthen the user's building in a very short time and easily in cases such as the damage caused by the time that we observed in many buildings today, the faults caused by the user or the manufacturer,
15 transportability
Steel allows manufacturing and assembly in different locations. This is an advantage in terms of the applicant company and team diversity. In addition, even finished assemblies and pre-fabricated structures can be removed and easily transported to another area if desired.


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