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How is the prefabricated house built?

Interest in prefabricated houses is increasing day by day. People prefer prefabricated houses because they have many advantages.
Prefabricated houses have a much more affordable price compared to reinforced concrete houses. They are among the most important reasons for their favorable prices. Prefabricated houses, which have become widespread in our country since 2015, have a very cute appearance as of design. For these reasons, prefabricated houses are frequently encountered in many countries. There are many topics about prefabricated houses. How the prefabricated house is built, how many floors the prefabricated house is, how much durable the prefabricated houses are, and the answers to the questions as to how much the prices are, are wondered by almost everyone.
So how are prefabricated houses built? In order to build prefabricated houses, concrete floors are required first. Prefabricated houses are built on concrete floors. Prefabricated is defined as assembling the parts necessary for forming a structure in the place where they are prepared and installed in advance. If the concrete floor is ready, it will be much easier to install the prefabricated house. At this stage, the parts used for prefabricated houses are different from the parts used in the reinforced concrete houses. After the necessary parts are provided by the company dealing with construction, the construction phase is started. Prefabricated houses can have a maximum of two floors. There are 1 or 2 storey house options. Their designs are extremely aesthetic. Especially prefabricated villas are very advantageous with their design and price.
How is the prefabricated house built? The prefabricated house is built on the concrete floor with the construction of a pre-prepared house. The dwellings are installed with concrete or steel dowel mounted on the concrete floor. Thus, the building and the concrete move together. Thanks to this construction, prefabricated house can be dismantled and assembled at any time. In this case, there is a charge for installation and transportation. The prices of single storey prefabricated houses generally vary between 20-40 thousand TL. Two-storey prefabricated villas are in the range of 50-90 thousand TL. Prefabricated houses have emerged as earthquake houses. So, it is quite resistant to earthquakes. At the moment of earthquakes, however, it does not break.

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Support to Prefabricated Buildings !!

For 2020, the Ministry of Family Increased the State Support for Prefabricated Houses to 30 Thousand Liras!
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Why Prefabricated?

The parts are formed by pre-assembling and assembling.
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Why Steel?

Steel never limits architectural design, on the contrary encourages new designs.
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Prefabricated Education Buildings

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How to Build a Prefabricated House in Hatay?

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Advantages of Prefabricated House Features

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