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Prefabricated Construction

Prefab Houses are elastic and lightweight. Even in the strongest earthquakes, it only rocks, it does not collapse.
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Light Steel Structure

The Light Steel Framed bearing system is a system of cold-formed steel profiles.
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Rolled Steel Structure

Rolled Steel Building Systems; Starting from the project stage, the functions of the building are designed with priority.
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Container Products

Containers are our preferred products because they are low cost and fast production.
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Safety cabinets, office box cabinets, shower cabin, product sales cabinets, modular cabinets
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In order to be able to catch up with the speed of the global world, we offer you the best technology with the aim of constructing the best technology in the selection and establishment of the suitable model for every condition and purpose.
We have transformed reference to customer satisfaction with the principle of "our different style". In Mode Steel Construction Engineering, well-designed business models with customer satisfaction and corresponding business policies are the priorities of the activities they perform.
As Mod Steel Structure, we are proud of being in the forefront of the service race among the sector's preferred ones. Our company maintains a scientific approach to the adaptation of the developing product technologies to the requirements of our country for the quality, speed and economical model approach that it creates and for long lasting and durable products.
As Mod Steel Structure, we produce prefabricated houses with galvanized steel frame. Having knowledge and experience in the sector, our company is experiencing the difference of being a company that has won the trust and confidence of its customers with the contemporary standard that it has brought to the prefabricated production system of weldless system with galvanized steel frame especially in galvanized steel carcass in safe, high quality, aesthetically and economically.


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    Önesa alışveriş merkezi karşısı 2517 Sk. No : 7/1 DEFNE / TURKEY
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Our Services

With our private project system, we are carrying out dreams with our project team who designs and builds your own projects together with you.

Modified Frigo Containers

The most important and safeguard element in transportation is the load container, a really good quality protection due to durability and insulation.
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Light Steel Single Storey Houses

The first applications of light steel framed conveyor systems were made in Germany at the end of the 1960s.
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Single Floor Prefab Houses

Prefab Houses are elastic and lightweight. Even in the strongest earthquakes, it only rocks, it does not collapse.
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Light Steel Duplex Houses

The days when a multi-storey building is completed in a very short time is no longer a dream.
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Double Duplex Houses

Our dwellings designed for different user needs are robust aesthetic and durable structures that can be used in all climatic conditions.
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Light Steel Villa Houses

The luxurious lightweight steel vaults that use galvanized light steel construction technology make a difference with their aesthetic appearance.
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Prefabricated Villa

In our country facing the earthquake reality, houses built with multi-storey light steel technology are increasing rapidly.
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Office Containers

Office containers, which are one of the indispensable units of construction sites, can be combined in any kind of modularity if desired.
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Mod Yapı can design the buildings to be produced according to the ease of use of the students who will attend the training and the teachers who will train.
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Dormitory Containers

Dormitory containers, which are your home in your body, are designed with every comfort and functionality in mind.
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Modular Cabinet

Especially in recent years, the ever-growing security systems have led to the development of various modular cabin designs.
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Cafeteria Containers

Our cafeteria containers, which are tailor made for workers, staff, formulants and senior managers in the office, are among the most favorite of our customers.
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Office Buildings

Office buildings in construction site mobilization and buildings which are permanently built in line with detailed institutions and organizations are in this category.
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Modern Office Buildings

Administrative buildings, which are usually permanently built by various institutions and organizations, office buildings in site mobilization are considered within this category.
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Security Cabinet

Safety and control are now an important and compelling need everywhere.
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Construction Site Containers

Site mobilizations are at the beginning of the intended use of the containers.
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Blank Volume Containers

Container houses are often preferred in situations where there is no permission to build, in the area of the site, or for short and seasonal needs.
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Sales Offices

The sales offices offered by the customers by producing Mod Yapı can be very different concept.
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Emergency Settlement Containers

Containers are our preferred products because they are low cost and fast production.
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Public buildings

The need for peace is as old as the history of mankind. People have built buildings to survive this need for ages.
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With its experienced technical team; we are living with our permanent, modern, stylishly designed economic structures, advanced technology facilities and our fast production system.
Mode Steel Building is being prepared in the direction of customer dialogue and desires in the form of constructions, prefabricated houses, American style houses, duplex houses, single storey houses.
With our firm which proves its power and success in heavy steel construction works such as prefabricated offices, sandy offices, bays, canteens, dormitories, life containers, as well as industrial constructions and hangars, we offer contemporary aesthetic constructions.


We are a company that offers design and build services for you from the drawing stage to the final building.


As Mod Steel Structure, with professional team and equipments, we complete rigorously the manufacturing and assembly phases of steel construction structures in various fields with technical suitability.

kuşadasi Aydın Çelik Konstrüksiyon Firması

Kuşadasi Aydın Konstrüksiyon HAFİF-HADDE çelik olarak istediğiniz projeye uygun olarak imalat,montaj ve anahtar teslim konutları yapabiliriz.
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Cyprus Prefabricated Building

It is the system in which the carriers are used by combining with the carrier system consisting of hot rolled box and pipe profiles or 60 cm intermediate from cold rolled U galvanized hair.
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Georgia Steel Structure

Light Steel Carrier System: Cold-shaped galvanized sheet profiles consisting of 6 Twisted S220-S350 class of galvanized hair (such as U, C, Z) is used in the system.
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Why Steel in Germany?

Steel systems are exposed to less earthquake loads due to their light weight, they are robust.
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Support to Prefabricated Buildings !!

For 2020, the Ministry of Family Increased the State Support for Prefabricated Houses to 30 Thousand Liras!
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Why Prefabricated?

The parts are formed by pre-assembling and assembling.
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Why Steel?

Steel never limits architectural design, on the contrary encourages new designs.
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Prefabricated Education Buildings

The first reliable feature for buildings where thousands of our children continue to live their education is building safety.
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How to Build a Prefabricated House in Hatay?

The interest in prefabricated houses in Antakya is increasing day by day. People prefer prefabricated houses because of their many advantages.
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